teacher facing burnout
teacher facing burnout

[April, 2017]

I felt my calling leave me, like a cold seep.


I’ve taught for over ten years, and I’ve been privileged to teach our most vulnerable students. I say privileged despite the classroom management challenges and the low-achievement challenges. Their joy, openness, and strength have enriched my life in ways that, I suspect, I’m not even aware of.

I remember vividly the exhilaration of leaving a cubicle and stepping into a classroom. The pride with which I planned and presented lessons. Most of all, I remember that feeling of humble affection I experienced when I looked around the…

When I left teaching to become a writer, I assumed my creativity and my knowledge of grammar, syntax, and the writing process would be the primary skills I’d use at the digital agency that hired me. What I didn’t realize then was how much some of my other skills — soft skills and organizational strategies — would help me in my new role. As I learned more and more, I realized that a lot of what I did as a teacher served me well as a content marketer. And understanding the similarities makes me better at what I do.


Holly Sinclair

Teacher/Reader/Writer. St. Louis.

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